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Imam al-Shatibi’s Hirz al-Amani 

This is a continuation of the explanation of Imam al-Shatibi’s famous poem on the 7 Qiraa’aat: حرز الأماني ووجه التهاني في القراءات السبع.  In this poem, Imam al-Shatibi, may Allah have mercy upon him, documents the rules of 7 of the 10 authentic Qiraa’aat, i.e. the Qira’ah of Naafi’, Ibn Katheer, Abu ‘Amr, Ibn ‘Aamir, ‘Aasim, al-Kisaa’ee, and Hamzah.  The explanation of the Introduction, the first 94 lines of this text, was featured here, by Sh. Muhammad Saleem Ghaibie.  Please make sure to carefully study this Introduction so that the rest of the text can be understood clearly.

Lines 95-99


16 Responses to “Lesson Lists”

  1. Rehana Bint Ali

    Walaikum as Salam wa Rahmatullah!

    Yes I totally agree with brother Bin Ali.. This project is a dream come true for many and it has been and surely will benefit most people of the Ummah of Rasul (Sallaahu alaihi wassalam)…
    Please let us contribute to it any way possible we can…

    BarakAllahu Feekum…

  2. Umm Ibraheem

    As salaamu alaikum,
    Would it be permissible for me to print out the images showing the makharij points to use as flashcards? I would like to give these to a few sisters that teach tajweed so that they can use it as a handy tool to show their students, InshaAllah.

    JazakAllah Khair.

    • Admin

      About this, we are unsure as our copies were purchased overseas. If you know of anyone going overseas, they should be able to find it for you, in sha Allah. If we come to know of any source here in the US, we will let you know bi idhnillaah, Barak Allahu feekum.

  3. Rehana Ali

    As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
    MashaAllah !!!
    Thanks indeed and jazakumullahu kul khair for such a Beautiful gift- for all the hard efforts to make it so easy for all the knowledge thirsty people…
    BarakAllahu feekum


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