Looking for something?  Want to read up more about a certain topic?  Or looking for resources to support you in your endeavor to memorize the Qur’an or increase your knowledge about it?

We’ve compiled a list of resources you may find beneficial regarding a wide range of topics both students and teachers of Qur’an will benefit from.  This list is continuously growing and we welcome any additional sources you have found beneficial which you would like included in this list.  Please contact us with your suggestions.


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  1. Basilects UK

    السلام عليكم Brilliant website very happy with the content and I use your site often. I just wanted to ask if you could write an article about or translate any of Mahmood Khalil Al Husary’s (ra) books. I have heard mention that he wrote books but have never heard anyone mention anything from them, really just wondered why.

    Secondly, just out of interest, I have always accepted that in *-recent-* history that Egyptian and Syrian scholars were brillant for Quranic recitation studies, but have only now realised that maybe some Iraqis should in that list, but her scholars seem nowhere to be seen, or am I not reading enough Arabic websites !


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