Throw your excuses in the bin!


If you were asked the question “Why don’t you do Hifdh of the Qur’an?” what are the first thoughts that come to your mind?

Too much, too hard, busy, no time, kids, job, housework, just can’t, etc etc etc…?

And your life passes you by…

Well what if someone asked you if you could memorise just one line of the Qur’an a day? Doesn’t sound too hard does it?  Nor does it take any time…  And guess what, just a few minutes every day spent on that, without any pressure, or time, and 24 years later you could be a hafidh!

Before you think “that’s too long” let me ask you how many years of your life have already gone by? A decade goes by in a flash.  Think about it, 10 years ago if you had started spending just a few minutes and memorised a line of the Qur’an a day, now you would have memorised almost half of the Qur’an!  No effort.

And what if you did two lines per day?  If you had started that 10 years ago, you would only need 2 more years and you would be a complete hafidh!  Wow.

What about three lines a day? Four…?  These are small amounts but persistence is the key.  And Allah loves the consistent actions even if they are small.

So what are you waiting for?  Throw your excuses in the bin!  Huge mountains are made of small pebbles.

Below is a table showing you how many years it would take to complete your hifdh depending on how many lines you memorise daily.  Make Du’aa and get started today In shaa Allaah 🙂

   30   24    15    12     8     7     6    5     4    3    2     1  Number of lines per day
    8months    1    1,6    2   3    3,4    4    4,8     6    8    12   24  How many years it will take to complete the whole Qur’an

2 Responses to “Throw your excuses in the bin!”

    • haqqatilaawatih

      The accountability and punishment with regard to “forgetting” the Qur’an actually refers to the individual who learned the Qur’an but did not act upon it. Being accountable and facing punishment for forgetting the words or verses of the Qur’an is a misunderstanding that many are not aware of. There is no punishment for this or accountability because everyone does what he/she can according to his/her ability. In other words, Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.

      With regard to memorizing the Qur’an, there are abundant rewards for this act, and it is Shaytan’s wish to avert as many people as possible from taking this path. He stands in the way of every person who tries to do any good, especially those deeds which contain such heavy rewards, like memorizing the Qur’an. So it is not wise for a person to abandon the memorization of the Qur’an based on a misunderstanding (as explained above), but instead, they should take hold of the opportunity to gain the reward and pleasure of Allah.

      And Allah knows best.


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